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Remodeling in Northwest Portland

Our client just a few houses away from Papa Haydn tells us they bought here in the early 90's when houses were cheap and crime was rampant.  They look pretty smart now with a gorgeous period home we had the chance to partially restore in 2020.   


I (Rudi) have a soft spot for the Slabtown, Nob Hill and Northwest District living near 21st and 23rd for years.  And I miss Music Millennium! There is a true sense of Portland's early growth history walking these streets and seeing the mix of mansions, bungalows, and multifamily buildings.  

When the Pearl was redeveloped, bringing chic industrial condos into Portland's limelight, the area changed the whole feel of Portland.  Slabtown has emerged as a culinary powerhouse, complete with complimenting breweries and distilleries.  

If you don't mind close neighbors, this is a wonderful neighborhood to dwell...and there are still fixers to renovate.  Give us a call, we'd love to help!

Alberta Master Bath2.jpg
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