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Kitchen Remodeling in Riviera

If you live in an area with a lot of sunlight, such as Riviera, CA, you best make use of it. That’s why homes in Riviera include oversized windows and open floor plans. Shades of white and grey are standard here, from the floors to the ceilings. 

This area’s most attractive features include quiet streets, excellent schools, and family-friendly neighborhoods while still being close to California nightlife. It’s the perfect blend of suburban life and California’s hustle n’ bustle. 

The Riviera area is called the well-kept secret of Southern California. And having lived here, we understand why the residents love it. 

We have lived and worked in the Southern California district and the Riviera neighborhoods for over a decade. So we understand what the people want from their home remodels. 

Our clients in this area are from Riviera Beach, Larchmont Riviera neighborhoods to Buxton Way.  Most own independent homes with one or two stories. Others have apartments or restaurants that need a bit of care. 

Our team at Triad Pacific Contractors work on remodel and renovation projects from residential properties to commercial settings. We work our magic to create a space according to your preferences and timeframe. 

Real estate prices are high in Riviera. And new granite tops and cabinets are massive selling points for homes in SoCal. So we see our clients investing in remodeling their kitchens because it increases the homes’ value and improves the family’s quality of life. 

If you’re in the Riviera area of SoCal, reach out to us to get construction work done on your house or commercial property. We have a team of experienced contractors. We work on home remodels, bathroom renovations, new construction, fire and water damage repair, and more!  

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