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Kitchen Remodeling in Redondo Beach

South Redondo is a well-known area and becoming more attractive for young families because of all the tech companies in the area. Silicon Beach is a short drive away from South Redondo, and the Google office and SpaceX center are close by. 

The South Redondo area is famous for its homey feel even though it’s a big city. There are many small parks around every neighborhood for your kids. 

Young professionals working in the neighboring areas come down to Redondo Beach to relax. Whenever we renovate or remodel homes in this area, we give our clients a vibe that matches their lifestyle. 

South Redondo homes are on the hills offering breathtaking views. You can see the Malibu area from some of the beach houses here. Most of our clients want to enjoy the fantastic views this region offers. So room additions or remodels in South Redondo include large windows and open floor plans to fill the homes with natural light during the day. 

Having worked on many homes here, I believe the houses on South Redondo hills offer a better view of the sunset than the beach! The orange light streaks cutting around the trees are simply magical! 

All around the city you’ll find beautiful architecture. Residential properties in South Redondo range from small condos to family homes with single-family homes and larger mansions. 

Since South Redondo and nearby areas are prone to earthquakes, we at Triad Pacific contractor service provide Forensic Engineering investigating. 

With decades of experience, a solid commitment to quality and transparency, our highly skilled and licensed contractors will remodel your home the way you want it.

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