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Kitchen Remodeling in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn area in southeast Portland has a vibrant culture. What we love about the Brooklyn area the most is the waterfront. Occasionally you’ll get to see some wildlife roaming around too. 

Brooklyn Portland has a historic feel to it. The Brooklyn Portland residents are mostly working-class people with a great sense of community. Anyone moving here will feel right at home thanks to Portlanders’ welcoming nature! 

There are lots of attractive features bringing people into Brooklyn. Safety for children, dog-friendly parks, readily available parking, a 15-minute drive to the downtown area, and easy access to Portland’s central-eastside are among many reasons.

When it comes to the architecture, this district has many old-1920s homes, with some houses predating even that! 

But now that the new generation is moving in and buying their first homes, the traditional two-story square houses are getting the long-overdue attention they deserve. We love to see the contrast between different residential areas in Brooklyn, Portland. 

The modern neighborhoods have a unique layout with a stylish, clean look and bold colors, while the traditional homes in the older areas have a much busier design. 

The transformation you see when renovating Brooklyn homes is always exciting.  Sometimes we even surprise ourselves when we see how great the place looks. 

Lately, the number of home remodels and other renovation projects is increasing because the older dwellings are deteriorating with time. Floor plans of traditional homes include smaller rooms and lots of walls in between. But the current generation loves an open floor plan. 

If you’re looking for experienced contractors in Brooklyn who have a 5-star rating on Yelp, look no further. Give us a call to discuss how to remodel your home into your dream home!  

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