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Kitchen Remodeling in El Segundo

The El Segundo area in Hermosa Beach is a quiet place for busy people. 

Hidden away between LAX and other beach cities, its laid-back culture is one of its most attractive features. Highlights of this area are that LAX airport and many airlines have offices here.

Plus, Mattel’s Headquarters and different aerospace companies are located nearby.  So the locals are pretty diverse. Some work in the airline offices, while others are industrial workers employed by the Chevron refinery or the electrical power plant.

There are independent homes and apartment complexes all over the city, including many residential properties close to the ocean that deserve special attention. Since caring for a seafront property requires more maintenance than inland homes, we get renovation and remodel jobs from this area regularly. 

While operating in this area, we work on various style homes, bungalows, mid century houses, modern built condos, and apartments. 

It’s been 10+ years since Triad Pacific started in Hermosa Beach and the surrounding areas, so with more than a decade’s experience, we know what kind of special care these houses need. 

Other homeowners in El Segundo ask for a garage remodel so their kids can have a proper space to store all their surfboards and electric bikes. Or rock with their band and crush those drums. 

Homes closer to the airport get some disturbance due to the flights. But our experience insulating bedrooms and bathrooms will ensure you sleep easy and stop cursing every red-eye flight.
If you have a home in the El Segundo neighborhood and need licensed contractors for a project, give us a call. And get a free personalized consultation from our experts. 

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