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Kitchen Remodeling in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is a dream residential area for surfers, retirees, and anyone else who loves the warm Californian weather. 

Die-hard fans of the Ryan Gosling movie LaLa Land know the area well. Hermosa Beach pier is the place where the dance number “City of Stars” was filmed. 

The homes in the area are gorgeous, with flat roofs and oversized windows. These beach houses are the place to be. 

But the humid and coastal winds can damage the paint, outside furniture, and even the floors. That’s why you need timely renovations to keep your Hermosa Beach home looking tremendous and functioning even better. 

We here at Triad Pacific are experienced contractors and locals of Hermosa Beach. And we can fix up your home or commercial property by staying within your budget and schedule. 

Some small-scale renovations we see in the Hermosa Beach neighborhood include repainting the exterior, fixing rust issues caused by the high salt density, and fixing minor water-related damages. 

The homes here in Hermosa Beach are high-end. That’s why homeowners like to stay ahead of the upkeep and maintenance issues. If you want to save yourself from unnecessary costs down the line, reach out to us on our Southern California number for a free consultation from our experts. 

Commercial properties with outdoor seating areas and proximity to the beach attract tourists and locals alike. Our primary goal is to help make Hermosa Beach look spectacular! 

Triad Pacific has been working in and around Hermosa Beach for over a decade. So we are well aware of all the renovation and remodel related issues residents face. 

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