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Kitchen Remodeling in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is one of a kind SoCal neighborhood. The people here are warm, inviting and their homes reflect their nature. 

At times we feel like The Beach boys Surfin’ U.S.A. song comes alive here. Because surfers with flowing blonde hair are all over Manhattan Beach, relaxing on the pier with their baggies and sandals! 

Aside from the beach, diversity in the architecture is one of the highlights of this area. Some homes have textured paint, some have a Mediterranean feel, while others are contemporary square homes. Spanish homes and modern farm-house style family homes are pretty commonplace too. And there are so many layouts you can choose from for your remodeling project.

As seasoned contractors and renovation gurus, we’re never bored while working on renovation projects in Manhattan Beach. And that’s one of the main reasons we love this neighborhood. Because each home we work on is unique. 

Anyone who lives in Manhattan Beach knows that the properties here are expensive. So regular upkeep, remodels, and renovations are essential in owning a home in this SoCal neighborhood. It maintains the value of your home and will offer you a great ROI in case you ever want to sell. 

Because we have worked in the Manhattan Beach area for over a decade, we know your home needs to sustain the climate effects along with the daily wear and tear. 

Reach out to us at the Triad Pacific Southern California office, and we’ll be happy to work on your renovation or home remodel. Our goal is to give you the dream space you’re craving, within your schedule and budget! 

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