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Kitchen Remodeling in Torrance

In our experience, the residents of Torrance are a creative bunch. They love to add personal touches and unique designs to their homes. And as licensed contractors, we love the challenge. 

We love this area because the neighborhoods are always clean, and the city is full of friendly people. The landscaping is simply gorgeous, and the area is known for its low crime rates.

Torrance is unique because of its proximity to the beach and the Hollywood sign and all that jazz. Hence the crowds here are diverse, and so are the properties in Torrance. 

For a home in Torrance, CA, you want natural light to brighten up the place. Closed-off small kitchens with dark cabinets are a thing of the past. We have the right people and experience to remodel your kitchen with more windows and a layout that maximizes the usable space. 

Other common renovations, which are great additions, include adding exposed craftsman-style wood beams, extending the garage, or adding a second story to your mid-century home.
You’ll notice that the homes here have beautiful pastel colors. Since we know the area well, we can help you decide what colors you should use after remodeling. Some colors look good when the sun is right above you, while others brighten the place under fluorescent lighting. 

We here at Triad Pacific have a team of seasoned contractors. And we do exterior paint and patio renovations, home remodels, kitchen and bathroom expansion, and other construction work. 

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