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Kitchen Remodeling in West Linn

The city of West Linn sits on a hill, is famous for its many vineyards. A diverse architecture with suburban homes up the hill and expansive mansions on the other end, this area is full of beautiful architecture and neighborly spirit.

Most of the residential properties are from 1960-1970, while some of the homes here are more than 100 years old, built close to the famous waterfalls. The rest were more recently established in the 2000s. One day we’ll be remodeling a 100-year-old home, and the other a 20 some year old house that needs a bit of professional care. 

Our skilled renovators at Triad Pacific bring our client's vision of their dream space to life while maintaining the house’s original essence. It’s always great fun to renovate the original arches and columns of West Linn homes. 

We’ve worked in all different neighborhoods in West Linn, Portland. From remodels of the mid-1900s homes in Barrington heights to the renovations of ultra-modern homes in Tanner Ridge. 

Based on our 25+ years of operating in Portland, we understand the homes here should feel open with lots of big windows and have proper insulation to protect from the rain. 
The most common renovation projects we get in West Linn include Patio renovations, second-story additions, and kitchen remodels. Residents love access to the outside from every room so they can enjoy the lush green forests and the Portland sky in the mornings.  

Give us a call or book a free consultation with our Portland, Oregon office for your home or commercial property renovation in the West Linn area. 

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