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10 Home Additions That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Choosing a place to call your home and raise a family is a big decision. So moving away from it can be heartbreaking. But what can you do if your family expands or you need more space?

Well, this is where home additions come in. You can add a room or two or expand your kitchen by building some more space.

Not only do home additions make your space more aesthetically pleasing, but when done right, they can significantly improve the value of your home.

There are many ways you can make additions to your house. Some people like to add another bathroom or a bedroom, while others, who have many little ones running around, like to expand their kitchens or dining areas to decrease that breakfast time crowd.

As seasoned General Contractors ourselves, we know what kind of home improvements are the best and which ones are overdone. Here’s a list of the 10 home additions that will actually make your life better!

1. Basement Finishes

Finishing your basement may not add square footage to your home, but it’ll offer you a lot of usable space.

You can turn a basement into a game room for the boys by placing a wet bar and a pool table or setting up a home theater for the family.

After being in lockdown and at home for the past year, we could all use a chill space to kick back and watch a movie!

2. Garage Additions

Your garage may be too big for your needs. Why not turn it into a living space? Finish the floors, add a wall where the doors were, and voila, you now have an extra bedroom in your home.

The garage-turned-living space can serve as an extra bedroom, an office, a gym, or anything else you can think of.

You can even create a second story on top of the existing structure. You’ll need a licensed contractor for the job. But once it’s done, you can rent out the room for some extra cash or use it as a guest bedroom.

3. Attic Remodel

You can utilize your attic space as more than a storage area by converting it into a bedroom. If you splurge and add a bathroom as well, then the house’s overall value will also increase.

The spare bedroom will be great for your teenager who needs his/her own space or an exciting guest room for family and friends.

4. Patio and Deck Renovations

Adding a bar to the patio or finishing the deck floors can transform your garden. Imagine the space to sit and enjoy the weather and that BBQ party you always dream of.

Here’s a fun fact for you; deck renovations are an excellent investment because you can recoup 66-71% of the deck building cost when you sell the house! (This is the national average, region-wise recoup values vary).

5. Kitchen Additions

You can significantly improve your kitchen aesthetic and space by adding a bump-out. Use this space to build an island, a pantry, or cabinets.

You can even extend your counter space and place a couple of stools for a cozy breakfast bar where the family can grab a quick snack.

Imagine the time you’ll save by not having to clean the dining room in addition to the kitchen every day! That’ll definitely make your life better.

6. Mudrooms

Even though Portland is very green, it can get muddy due to the rains. And you don’t want your kids running in with dirty shoes and destroying your freshly swept floors. That’s why having a mudroom is going to change your life.

This home addition does not need too much space. A 6x6 foot or a 7x9 foot area will do just fine. Mudrooms are a designated space for wet coats, handbags, and shoe racks.

7. Major Additions

Major home additions range from adding a second story to building a new bedroom or bathroom. These improvements are costly, but you’ll love the extra space.

For example, by expanding the master bathroom to include a vanity with two sinks, you can save time during the morning and all the fights.

You can add a half-bath in a small space that serves no other purpose. Or create an extra bedroom on the ground floor for aging parents.

8. Sunroom

The perfect home addition for a California home is a sunroom. You can enjoy the sun and get your daily dose of Vitamin D even when you’re indoors.

Expand your porch to make a sunroom, place a rocking chair, some plants, and extra seating to make it cozy.

This room can be a mood-lifter because of all the natural light and greenery. If you’re an outdoorsy person, you’ll be spending a lot of time here playing board games with the kids and hanging out with friends!

9. Move the Laundry Room

All the moms out there know how much time it takes lugging laundry from the top floor to the basement.

So creating a bump-out to accommodate a laundry room on the second floor will make your life much easier.

A skilled contractor can make the change for you. This project is not the most expensive home addition, but it has a high return rate in resale value and quality of life.

10. Banquette Seating

You can create a bump-out from the dining room and create a banquette seating around it. With big windows and comfortable seats, you’ll enjoy having meals with your family surrounded by natural sunlight.

This home addition saves a lot of space that a dining table and chairs would otherwise occupy.

So if you have a tight living room or a small dining room, consider this home improvement.

Final Thoughts

Home addition projects can be costly and time-consuming if you try to tackle them yourself.

Plus, you might not know all the building codes for your area, which can be problematic.

You deserve to live in your dream space. And we can make it happen for you. So if you have a plan buzzing around in your head, get a quote today and rest easy.

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