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The Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2021

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Best kitchen remodel ideas

Sometimes a new house comes with a kitchen you don’t quite like, or your current one doesn’t work for you anymore. In these cases, a remodel becomes a necessity.

If that describes your situation, great! We’re professional contractors, and we’ve got some fantastic remodeling ideas for you.

Kitchens are the heartbeat of the home. It’s the central hub for many home activities. And that’s precisely why you deserve a space that reflects your style and suits your needs.

In this article, you’ll find the best kitchen remodel ideas for 2021. We have a range of designs, from minor upgrades to entire kitchen renovations.

Read through if you’re ready to change things up and find your next kitchen remodel idea!

Ideas for kitchen remodel

Proper Lighting is Everything

The old-fashioned kitchens have one or two tube lights, or a few bulbs, scattered across the ceiling for the entire kitchen. But these lights don’t reach smaller regions such as the counter spaces, beneath the cabinets, and the sink area.

The entire aesthetic of your kitchen is affected. If your kitchen looks like that in 2021, then you know it’s time for a remodel.

Remodel your kitchen by adding lights under the overhead cabinets, around the kitchen island, and in any other corner that can use some light. Use modern fixtures for a contemporary design.

Kitchen lighting ideas

Add Neutral Tones

Changing the base color of the kitchen gives your space a brand new look. Homes all over the country, but especially in Portland, are surrounded by greenery. And there are so many ways to incorporate that into your kitchen remodel.

If your kitchen is small or has too many dark shades, you should use neutral colors. Add light hardwood floors, grey cabinet doors, and white countertops. Then install a window, so trees and other plants are visible from inside the kitchen.

That’s what we did with the home remodel in the picture above.

Remodel ideas for kitchen

Modern Colors and Current Trends

These days, there are many white-black, blue-copper, and other bold color combinations used in kitchens. Modern colors add a minimalistic look.

Plus, incorporating trendy light fixtures or unique floors make your kitchen one-of-a-kind.

Have a look at the kitchen in the picture above. It has a classic layout with a modern spin.

The floor tiles are black, while the cabinet doors are a light shade of green. A modern stove and a stainless microwave give this kitchen a stylish look paired with a classic two-door fridge.

Kitchen remodel before

Kitchen remodel after

Rethink the Layout

This kitchen was a project of ours, and it can serve as your kitchen remodel inspiration. You’ll see from the before-and-after pictures how we changed the location of the fridge, sink, stove, and cabinets.

Even a tiny space such as this one can look modern and cozy with a proper layout. You can get rid of the old kitchen entirely by building a new one with a different blueprint.

Think outside the box, move the sink to the opposite side, or add a door opening onto the deck.

Break Down the Walls

Here’s another remodel to be inspired by. We love this one because it offers a seamless transition into the dining room and living area.

If there is anything that screams modern, it’s open floor plans. You can remodel your kitchen by knocking down a wall (provided it’s not weight-bearing) and expanding the kitchen into the dining room.

An open kitchen looks more significant than its square footage. And it adds space for a bunch of people. This design is especially great for family dinners and gatherings when there’s a lot of activity in the kitchen area.

The five kitchen-remodel ideas discussed above are significant renovations. But if you’re happy with your kitchen’s overall layout and need a little bit of change, then the following five remodel ideas are more suitable for you.

Before kitchen remodel

After kitchen remodel

Smaller Kitchen Renovation Ideas

1. Walk-in Pantry

Build a pantry for better organization, more space, and convenience so you can quickly get groceries in bulk and take inventory without a hassle.

2. An Island

You can add a small kitchen island without changing anything else or with minimal reconfiguration. It’s best to get a professional to do this to ensure that your kitchen is up to building code and safe for your family.

3. Extended Countertops for Bar-Style Seating

You can expand the counter on top of the cabinets or the island, whatever is more functional for your kitchen. Even though this isn’t a big remodel, it’ll change your kitchen layout and give it a fresh look.

4. New Cabinet Doors

Add soft-close cabinets or drawers to minimize noise.

5. Hit the Refresh Button

Adding a layer of fresh paint on the cabinets, getting the tiles polished, and the appliances deep cleaned will refresh your space.

What Are Your Kitchen Remodel Ideas?

If you’re going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you should have it remodeled the way you want it.

Kitchen renovations can mean anything from adding a new pantry or changing the cabinet doors to an entire remodel with a new layout and new appliances.

Being stuck at home during 2020 had us spending most of our days in the kitchen, which led to scrolling through Pinterest boards for remodel inspiration.

So we understand if you’re also itching to give your kitchen a face-lift. If you’re in the California or Portland area, then give us a call. And we’ll remodel your kitchen just how you like it based on our 20+ years of industry experience.

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